We have capacity limits on what we can physically bake and deliver on a given day.

We kindly ask that you select the day that you want your items to be delivered and then choose your items based on that delivery day. Our items have the delivery day in the name.

Upon checkout, please make sure that your item names match the delivery day. If an item does not match the delivery day we will have to cancel your order, and nobody wants that! 

Please select your delivery day based on the area you want your order to be delivered to

  • Vancouver 
     (excluding downtown
     & UBC)
  • Burnaby
  • Tri-Cities
  • New West
  • Richmond
  • North & Central Surrey
      (ONE DAY ONLY)​
  • Vancouver
      (downtown only)​​
  • Pick up from our kitchen  (between 8-8.30am)​

Please make sure you fill in the correct phone number for us to contact you.

To those who live in condo or apartment, please come downstairs to the entrance to meet our driver. We are doing our best to minimize contact by avoiding going in elevators. 


No offense. We love hugs and handshakes! This safety precaution just makes sense.

Let's all work together to flatten the curve :)