Fumie Meguro

I was born and raised in Japan, moving to Canada in 2005. My passion for baking grew alongside my young family. I wanted to help my children embrace their Japanese identity through the food I prepared, especially with the Japanese baked goods and pastries I had grown up loving. My recipes evolved into masterpieces, and when I first served my original buns to customers at Baker & Table Cafe in Vancouver back in 2017, I knew they were a hit. I came to truly understand what I'm capable of and gained confidence as I continued to create and serve more delicious creations. Traditional favourites and original treats, I keep my baking focused, bringing the memory of home, of Japan, in every bite.






My best friend Bowie inspired me to start eF & Be Bakehouse. Her experience in the food industry and entrepreneurial spirit makes us a perfect pair. She is an encouragement to everyone she meets and helps to really drive our bakery forward. Bowie has a natural joy that is contagious, and the way she effortlessly carries it is a genuine reflection of the joy my baking brings to me. I just hope it spreads to you too!

eF & Be Bakehouse Inc.